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This is the first movie to introduce Nana Patekar in a major role. Nana had appeared in very small roles in this film. The film received a huge hit and most of the songs composed by Usha Khanna are still popular even today. The film was released on 20 July 1991. Plot Shanta (Madhuri Dixit) is an urban-dweller. She has only one friend, Seema (Kalki). Shanta earns her livelihood by singing in the streets. But one day, an ambitious and short-tempered Ram (Makrand Deshpande) enters her life and asks Shanta to sing in his Orchestra. Although Shanta is afraid of Ram, she agrees to join his Orchestra as a singer. Shanta starts singing in Ram's Orchestra. Even when Ram himself is not singing, he is always close to Shanta and sometimes misbehaves. Ram takes advantage of his position as Shanta's boss and starts harassing her. Shanta soon finds herself in a dilemma of choosing between her career as a singer and staying with her friend Seema. After some tough decisions, Shanta decides to go to Seema's place. Seema welcomes Shanta with a warm hug, but Shanta is shocked to find that her friend has left the house after receiving some money from Ram. Shanta understands that Seema has been blackmailed by Ram. Shanta's life becomes very miserable with the continuous beatings and verbal abuses from Ram. One day Ram gets an offer to perform in Jaipur for 5 days, but Shanta has to go with him. Shanta is very nervous as Ram keeps on beating her up. On their way to Jaipur, they get stuck in an accident. The road is closed and people are shouting that the car is not moving. Shanta steps out of the car to see what is happening. The police ask her to identify the people in the accident. Shanta can't remember anything about the people in the accident. Ram gets angry with her and chases her in order to get her to open the car door. Ram manages to push her out of the car. The police finally open the road. Shanta decides to go to Jaipur alone, but Ram abducts her. It is a very difficult situation for Shanta to decide between her career and her friend's life. In the end Shanta and Ram share the same house. They finally forgive each




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